Who’s Who


After faithfully serving the Church for 9 years, our Minister has accepted the call to a Baptist Church in South-East England.

We are currently prayerfully seeking a replacement, full time Minister.

Janet Aukett – Deacon
I was born and grew up in Derby. Since I was a child I attended a Baptist Church in Derby where I was in the Brownies and Guides and the Church was a great part of my life. It was there that I met my Husband Danny. I was married and baptised in 1965 by Rev Arthur Bonser who was my mentor and friend and a great influence in my Christian life.
Danny and I spent three years living in the north of Spain and in the last few years we travelled the world and had some great experiences and met some wonderful people. I enjoy gardening and reading and have brought up three Children.
We joined Littleover Baptist Church because, as we are living in Littleover, we felt this church was calling us to be a part of the witness in our local area. It is a supportive and loving church for all ages and the events I attend bring me closer to God. My role as a Deacon is to serve the church and its congregation and to support the minister.

Sheila Gardner – Deacon
I was virtually born at Littleover Baptist Church, where my parents were members from early 1939. I was a member of Sunday School, attended the League of Young Worshippers, Brownies, the Youth Club, became a Sunday School teacher and eventually the leader until I Ieft Derby to go to college. I was baptised at 13 following a trip to London with the Church to hear Billy Graham.
After my marriage, we went to live and worship elsewhere, but we moved back to the area in 1976 and were ‘collared’ by the Church Secretary at Littleover Baptist, who said he’d “expect us next week”. We didn’t seem to have a choice and so I have been a member again since then!
I started to help with the Guide unit in 1980 and I have been involved ever since. My husband and I have both served on the diaconate before this term.

Tony Salt – Deacon
I came to the Lord at the age of 17 during a Don Summers’ Crusade in Bournemouth and have tried to be faithful to Jesus since then. In my 20’s I lived in Dorset and played in a Christian rock band called ‘The Four Kingsmen’, but then moved for a few years to Wales where my faith was greatly strengthened under the ministry in a Welsh Presbyterian Church. During this period, reading the Bible convicted me about baptism and at the age of 29 I was baptised. Since then I have attended churches where believers’ baptism is practised.
My long career in software engineering required me to visit and live in cities all over the world, including 14 years in Germany, and I have experienced wonderful Christian fellowship in many countries. I met my Malaysian wife when I was sent to Kuala Lumpur for a year to implement a business project. More recently, before I retired, I was employed as a senior NHS manager. I have two children; a daughter on the mission field in Kenya, and a son in Germany. I am conscious that the word ‘deacon’ means ‘servant’ and I seek now to serve God and his congregation in Littleover Baptist Church.

Allan Child – Secretary
I was born in Yorkshire where my father was a Baptist minister, but I grew up in Devon, the Home Counties and the Midlands, and came to personal faith in 1958.  Most of my working life was in research related to railway civil engineering, which is how I came to settle in Derby in the late 1960s.  I met my wife, Ruth, in Derby and we were married in 1972.  Our children are grown up now, and we have two young grandchildren.  We were drawn to Littleover Baptist Church by its friendly welcome and have made it our spiritual home since 1999.  I have been Church Secretary since 2009 and see my rôle as supporting the Church in its mission.
I enjoy music, mostly as a listener although I play a tenor recorder in the Church music group. Other interests include travel (particularly by train), cryptic crosswords and cooking.

Pam Graham – Treasurer
I was born at the seaside, in Morecambe in the north-west of England, where my father was the minister of Zion Baptist Church. We moved to Derby when he became a minister there. After leaving school I returned to my roots to study at Lancaster and then became a primary school teacher, working in the Derby area.
I was baptised when I was 13 and became a church member where my father was a minister, later moving my membership to Littleover Baptist Church. It was a joy when both my daughters gave their lives to Jesus and were baptised. At the moment, I enjoy working with young children and their carers at the church ‘Mums and Tots’ group. For many years it has been a privilege to serve on the diaconate, taking on the role of treasurer, watching the church grow in numbers and becoming more united in love for one another.