The A.C.T.S. of Prayer

A = Adoration: meaning, a deep love, respect, honour, worship, devotion to God. 

The first part of our prayer is ADORATION of WHO God is and for WHAT he has done. We set our focus on God and bring to mind his characteristics and accomplishments. Pray: Adoration – Give God praise and honour for who He is as Lord over all.

= Confession: meaning, admitting to guilt/wrongs/sin. Honest evaluation. Disclosure of behaviours.

The next part of our prayer is personal CONFESSION to God. We willingly admit our shortcomings and faults, recognising that we are in need of a Saviour. This time of prayer is not intended to be a self-loathing experience, but to be an honest evaluation and to help us turn our eyes towards God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Pray: Honestly deal with sin, behaviours, short comings, unhealthy attitudes in your prayer life.

= Thanksgiving: meaning, Expressing of gratitude, showing appreciation, completely satisfied.

The next part of the prayer is THANKSGIVING to God. This part of the prayer may include a list of things, people, and places we are grateful for. This may also include things like, health, peace, love, joy etc. This is a time to celebrate and recognise the blessings of the Lord in our lives. Pray: Verbalise what you are grateful for in your life and in the world around you.

S – Supplication (Or Intercession): meaning: Make a humble request, to ask or beg, earnestly and eagerly implore. 

This final part of our prayer is to present our requests and needs to God. We express the needs of ourselves and others knowing that God cares for us and he has the power to meet every need. Pray: For the needs of others and yourself. You could use the church prayer diary as a guide. 

Spend 16 minutes a day (for 30 days if you want to follow the challenge)

Allow four minutes for each area of prayer, letting the Holy Spirit guide you, you will be surprised what will come to your mind as you pray. Do not be afraid of silences during this time either; God wants you to listen to him also. 

If you feel even more adventurous there is a FREE course on The A.C.T.S of prayer found on  that you can follow and share with others. 

Please share any experiences you encounter during your times of prayer it will be great to hear what God is doing. And simply enjoy!